Quarantine diary: my daily routine

After twenty one days quarantined, I’d say I already adapted to my new daily routine. On weekdays, I get up at 7am. After peeing, toothbrushing and the usual morning stuff, I do some workout until 8. I’ve found Nike’s NTC app quite useful to keep myself active. Even the free version provides configurable plans (you just need to set your current activity level, equipment, and time availability) that combine endurance, strength and mobility workouts. I’m even starting to notice some real improvement!

When I get out of the shower, I have breakfast. Usually, a toast with cheese, and/or ham, avocado, a boiled or scrambled egg, some fruit juice and coffee. An hour later, I start my job. My office schedule was 8 to 5, but this days at home I’m working from 9 to 6. I have a one hour break to have lunch at 1pm.

In the afternoon, after work, I write, or I read, or I play video games. Mostly BOTW , where I’m seeking all the Korok seeds… Then I do the housework and I prepare dinner. Besides not being able to go out for a run, which I usually enjoy, my evenings are pretty much the same as before… Something that maybe I should think about…